'Pokémon Go' Rumors: A Thanksgiving Event Could Be Coming Soon, and It Could Feature a Special Arrival

A Thanksgiving event took place inside the game last year
Pokémon Go official websiteA Thanksgiving event went live inside 'Pokémon Go' last year

The developers of "Pokémon Go" have shown a fondness for celebrating holidays, and rumors are swirling that they are once again about to do so.

This time of the year is Thanksgiving season, and while many people around the country are planning family reunions, the aforementioned developers may be lining up something special for an upcoming event.

Last year's edition of the Thanksgiving event was not quite as feature-filled as others held before it, but it still proved beneficial since it offered XP and Stardust bonuses. At least, that was what developers officially revealed about the event.

As it turned out, it featured something else too, with the site Comic Book noting that the event also ushered in the arrival of Ditto.

So, if developers again decide to sneak some new creatures into "Pokémon Go" for Thanksgiving, which creatures could be added?

The aforementioned website hinted that Smeargle, a Gen 2 Pokémon, could be the surprise arrival this time around. Interestingly enough, Smeargle possesses a moveset that is quite different, just like Ditto does, so maybe the game's developers just prefer to save the more unique Pokémon for Thanksgiving.

A player on the r/TheSilphRoad subreddit with the username "StrowmanEmpire" asked other players about their thoughts on Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh being added this Thanksgiving.

The developers could really catch the attention of many players if they introduced such an exciting addition, so as much of a longshot as it is, it may still be something to watch out for.

It is also possible that the developers could build on what they did for Halloween and introduce more Gen 3 Pokémon this Thanksgiving as something like that could get players excited as well.

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and for "Pokémon Go" players, that could also mean that they are close to seeing some new creatures in the game.