Powerball $305 Million, High Lottery Payout Tempts Some to Share

The Powerball Jackpot lottery is on the rise again, raising stakes for many who are heavily invested in making out with the grand prize.

The jackpot total rose to $305 million after Saturday night's draw in which everyone failed to match all six numbers. The results were still good for some however, who matched five of the six numbers and still made out with a million dollar ticket. Saturday night's winning numbers were: 4, 13, 39, 46 and 51 with the Powerball at 1.

Four lucky winners in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New Jersey all made out with a million dollar ticket according to the Associated Press. But the win is small in comparison to the potential $305 million that is still at stake. Of course, with more at stake, there are more to play and many expecting lottery ticket sales to be in the millions.

"The Lottery said Tuesday that players are expected to buy Powerball tickets at a rate of 2,170 a minute at peak times Wednesday," according to AP News.

Before taxes, the cash payout for a six number jackpot is over $200 million before taxes. Despite perhaps dismal odds, many set about on lofty dreams of what they would do with such a large some. For many, the sum was large enough to share.

"Too much money so I would have to share!" BM2061 wrote on the Huffington Post blog.

"I already have a plan in place if I ever win the lottery- first of all, if it was an amount this big, about 40 of my co-workers and several friends and family members (about 50 people total) would be coming with me, and we'd all split it evenly," DukeFan1971 added.

"Will be mine Wednesday night!" Face65 reveled. "But of course I dont mind sharing so some of you get a winning ticket also!"