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Powerful ‘180' Film Nears 2 Million Views on YouTube, Discusses Issues of Abortion (VIDEO)

Powerful ‘180' Film Nears 2 Million Views on YouTube, Discusses Issues of Abortion (VIDEO)

The powerful and emotionally striking film "180" has been garnering attention from millions due to the large number of views it’s gotten on YouTube.

The film takes a deeper look into the abortion issue. It draws a parallel between the horrors of the Holocaust and the abortion of developing babies in the womb. Ray Comfort, the creator of, is seen speaking to people from all walks of life and asking them a myriad of questions.

The questions Ray asks pertain to the Holocaust, Hitler, and the touchy subject of abortion. Ray comes across some individuals who have no knowledge of the Holocaust at all, and even some who still support Hitler and his views.

He eventually questions people about whether it is right to take an unborn child's life. The responses present some interesting viewpoints on pro-life and pro-choice sentiments.

So far, the film has garnered close to 2 million views on YouTube. Some support the film’s message while others disagree with the comparisons made between the Holocaust and abortion. Stephen Kendrick, producer of "Fireproof & Courageous" was quoted as saying, "I am so glad I took the time to watch '180.' It is gutsy and very powerful."

YouTube user homeigdog feels the film's message is a form of brainwashing. "This is by far the greatest display of psychological brain washing and manipulation on the creationist behalf to convey an idea," the user posted.

In response, YouTube user terskip believes the film's message is truthful. "Yeah, truth looks distorted when you are brainwashed," the user said.

The film “180” has attracted Christian organizations and television channels. Ray Comfort stated that, "To date, 26 Christian television networks have requested permission to air it, and it's also now in 25 languages. We are particularly excited about the Spanish version, because it was professionally dubbed using actors' voices."

He believes the movie will garner even more attention as the 2012 presidential election nears its end.

In a press release statement, Ray spoke about the film’s movement and how it is growing. "There is a groundswell of people who are seeing that America cannot kill more than 50 million human beings in the womb and expect God's smile," he said.

"’180’ has the power to change minds about abortion, and therefore the way people vote. Viewers come away saying that they would never vote for anyone who advocates the killing of a baby in the womb, no matter how promising their fiscal policies."

"We are encouraging those who care about the unborn to simply send via email (and every other form of social media), all over the Internet," he continued. "Or they can get copies from for just $1 each to give away."

Ray's ministry has given away more than 220,000 DVD's outside of Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Burbank high schools. For the rest of the year, he plans to increase that number into the millions.

Fans of the movie can keep up with the 180 movement alongside its 34,000 followers on They can also follow the film on Twitter at

For those who wish to view the movie themselves, the embedded video can be seen below. Viewer discretion is advised: