Pregnant Teenager is Still a Virgin, Says Doctor

A trial in a country where Sharia law is strictly enforced is gaining international attention after a court medical doctor stated that an unwed, pregnant teenager is still a virgin.

Reports indicate that during a court hearing at the Dubai Court of Family and Juveniles in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a doctor detailed to Dubai Police his shocking medical examination. It was performed while the girl was still pregnant, but proved that the girl had not engaged in sexual intercourse and was still a virgin.

The 15-year old girl, who has only been identified as M.M., was charged with having sex outside of marriage. The girl's alleged boyfriend, who is identified in court documents as Y.A., was also charged.

Prosecutors told the court that the couple had been engaging in sexual activity beginning at the start of this year, and when the parents of M.M. realized that their daughter was pregnant, they immediately reported it to local authorities.

Prosecutors explained that M.M. stated that she fell in love with Y.A. after the pair met online. She told authorities that they began having sex when he visited her in her parent's Oud Mutaina home after her parents fell asleep.

"I met him on the internet and fell in love with him. We had many dates at my family's house in Oud Mutaina, Dubai, and had sex in my bedroom after my parents fell asleep," court documents said, as reported by The National.

"He had full sex with me about three times. When I told him I was pregnant, he did not care," she alleged.

The girl's boyfriend has denied that he had any sexual relations with the girl, but did admit that he touched her. His lawyers have demanded that a DNA test be conducted to prove he is not the father.

The police medical forensics report, signed by a Sharia clinical expert, detailed that when the girl was examined in August, she was about 29 weeks pregnant, but still a virgin.

The report explains that the boy is believed to have ejaculated, but not during sexual intercourse, which led to semen "seeping into her uterus."

Both defendants are currently under the supervision of the judicial department and face stiff penalties if they are found guilty.