Prince Harry's Birthday Riddled By Question of His Safety in Afghanistan Following Taliban Attack

While Prince Harry was looking forward to a 28th birthday, it was hard to celebrate the occasion with questions over his safety looming following a Taliban attack.

Price Harry turned 28 years old on Saturday, but there was little time to celebrate given the number of questions that have been raised over his current safety. Earlier on in the week the Prince became the target of a Taliban attack just days after fulfilling his military post in Afghanistan.

The prince was not wounded in the attack, which took place on Friday, although two American marines were killed.

"We attacked that base because Prince Harry was also on it and so they can know our anger," Taliban spokesman Qari Youssef Ahmadi told the Associated Press by telephone following the attack. "Thousands more suicide attackers are ready to give up their lives for the sake of the Prophet."

The Prince began the fourth month tour earlier in September; it is his second tour in Afghanistan. The attack, which took place less than a mile from where the Prince was stationed at Camp Bastion, occurred just one day before he turned 28.

The situation is very different from the one that Prince Harry found himself in weeks before when naked photos of him were leaked while he opted for an early birthday celebration in Las Vegas. Naked photos of Kate Middleton were also leaked on Friday, marking a difficult time for the royal family.

Despite the military attack however, the British military has stated that it has no plans of removing the Prince from his post.

Tory MP Colonel Bob Stewart, a former commander of British troops in Bosnia, supported the decision to keep the Prince in Afghanistan.

"To hell with them," he said according to the Press Association. "Harry wants to go there and our soldiers want him there. He should stay."

Stewart did however state that the Prince posed as a luring target.
"Capturing, killing or hurting Prince Harry would be a huge propaganda coup for the Taliban."