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'Rainbow Six Siege' Publisher Reverses Price Hike

'Rainbow Six Siege' Publisher Reverses Price Hike

"Rainbow Six Siege" publisher Ubisoft, as well as the game's development team, has finally come out with a statement to answer growing discontent with their premium loot boxes. The announcement also repealed a price hike for the Standard Edition.

The announcement was posted on the "Rainbow Six" Reddit community, and as such, Ubisoft is directing the statement to their "passionate and dedicated fans." Ubisoft went on to say that they are addressing some concerns and frustration from current players regarding some of the changes they announced earlier.

A promotional image for "Rainbow Six: Siege" | Ubisoft

Part of the earlier announcement was the removal of the Standard Edition, a kit that cost $40, with an "Advanced Edition" that will include new collection packs, but will cost $60 as well. The change was supposed to come about starting Feb. 13, according to PC Gamer.

The change also means that it will cost $20 more for players just starting out in the game. "Rainbow Six Siege" has seen a core loyal fanbase grow to about 25 million players, and their earlier announcement has been seen by players as Ubisoft's move to cash in on the resurgence.

The Reddit post also announced a free Ash Sidewinder Elite skin for current players who participate in an online match starting Jan. 27 until Mar. 6. The new skin will be added to the player's inventory as soon as Year 3 Season 1 launches.

Ubisoft also promised more information about their controversial Starter Edition during the Six Invitational, the annual e-sports event for "Rainbow Six Siege."

"The Rainbow Six Siege team has always incorporated player feedback into the game and the direction of the design. Your voice is incredibly important to us and we are monitoring your feedback closely on all aspects of this announcement. Any future updates will be posted here," Ubisoft added at the end.

"Rainbow Six Siege" Standard Editions will remain at $40 for now, but the other packs will go ahead with their price hikes as planned, according to Paste Magazine. The Gold Edition will cost $90 for a $20 increase, while the Complete Edition will go up to $130, a whopping $40 price hike.

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