Rapper Juvenile Arrested in Miami After 100-Person Crowd Gathers to Watch Brawl (VIDEO)

The rapper Juvenille was arrested on Sunday in Miami following a reunion with former group mate Lil Wayne.

Juvenille had reunited with Lil Wayne at the LIV nightclub in Miami when an apparent brawl broke out. Wayne and Juvenille were in the group "Hot Boys" in the late 1990s before controversy between members led to their split.

The recent fight took place at 7 a.m. according to TMZ, which reported that the fight began in the night club before spilling outside to the front of the hotel. Security called police after they decided that the brawl was "creating a threat to life and property as well as the overall safety of the patrons inside."

Juvenille, born Terius Gray, was then booked and taken into custody, where he still remains. Further details surrounding the brawl and the reason that it broke out have yet to be released. The charges were filed for "disorderly conduct."

The Miami Herald reported that the fight had drawn out a large crowd, which brought further concern.

The "large crowd (of approximately 100) had gathered in front of the valet ramp. The crowd was yelling and screaming and some were pushing each other ... Mr. Gray was visualized heading toward to Collins Ave. to enter his vehicle to exit the property," the paper stated.

Juvenille has been arrested in Miami in the past. In 2001, he was booked after breaking a bottle of champagne over a man's head while outside a Miami comedy club. The rapper has also faced legal battles in relation to child custody issues.

Born in New Orleans, the rapper first gained popularity with his album "400 Degreez" which was released in 1999. His last hit was "Slow Motion" in 2003.