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5 Reactions to 'The Benedict Option'

5 Reactions to 'The Benedict Option'

3. Collin Hansen

A combination photo shows Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump (L) and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during their third and final debate at UNLV in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. on October 19, 2016. | (Photo: REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

Collin Hansen, executive director for The Gospel Coalition, wrote a mostly positive review of The Benedict Option, agreeing with Dreher's point about politics not being a source of salvation.

"I side with Dreher when he declines to see the election of President Trump as a watershed victory for fellow Benedictines," reasoned Hansen.

"Dreher's book was obviously written for a Hillary Clinton presidency, but no matter who had won, the campaign revealed how easily Christians could be manipulated on both sides to compromise their conscience for partisan ends."

Hansen also noted that the book identified itself as "'A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Culture.' Not 'the' strategy, but 'a' strategy."

"No, you don't need to agree with all the details of Dreher's strategy, dubbed the Benedict Option in honor of Benedict of Nursia (AD 480–547), the founder of Western monasticism," continued Hansen.

"But you'll remain confused if you don't agree that some strategy is necessary for sustainable Christian mission in an increasingly post-Christian culture."

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