Reap Benefits from Taking Frequent Breaks During a Job Search

It's important to take frequent short breaks when searching for a job.Breaks are simply time-outs to reconsider, reflect and make adjustments to your job search.

Here are the benefits you receive when you give take frequent breaks during a job search.

  • Stress related problems including depression and insomnia tend to improve when you take frequent breaks.
  • Self-esteem is enhanced and feelings of optimism and happiness increase as you acquire a positive outlook on life.
  • Negative emotions and roller-coaster feelings are controlled because you know where you're going in your search and how you will attempt to get there.

Determine how much time you would like your break to be. Timing is not as important as actually taking the career break itself. Consider 15 minute to full day breaks for recreation and relaxation. Enjoy each break and then resume your job search.