RHOA's Cynthia Bailey Says NeNe Leakes 'Damaged Her Image'

Cynthia Bailey believes fellow "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star NeNe Leakes is damaging her image with recent remarks and says she is thankful that their friendship is over.

(PHOTO) Instagram: @gretchenchristine1NeNe Leakes poses with Marlo Hampton, Gretchen Rossi and Cynthia Bailey

Bailey, the model and entrepreneur, had issues with Leakes' calling her husband a derogatory term. While it seems the ladies attempted to patch up their differences on their Bravo TV show, Bailey believes her friend has been disrespectful by speaking about why she should be kicked off the show.

Leakes spoke about her disapproval of Bailey being friendly with her on-screen rival and the pair's co-star Kenya Moore. However, Bailey told UPTOWN magazine that she and Moore were far from best friends.

Still, Bailey insisted that she and Moore had a level of respect for one another that Leakes did not.

"Never have I gone on any talk shows or interviews and suggested that Kenya lose her job. And as far as I know never has she in regards to me," Bailey told UPTOWN. " I think it's unprofessional, divisive and petty. But that's exactly what Nene did when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live."

Leakes' recent negative comments about her former friend are damaging for her image, Bailey said.

"I have seen the very best of Nene Leakes, and I witnessed the very worst of her during this appearance," Bailey insisted. "What she did and said was not coming from a good place, and was downright dirty. The damage she thought she was doing to me, in turn has damaged her image more."

Still, Bailey insists she is in a good place after the demise of her friendship.

"In the end, I am relieved that our friendship is over. I always thought if we ever stopped being friends that we would go our separate ways and wish each other well in our endeavors," Bailey told UPTOWN. "I never expected that she would suggest taking food out of my mouth. But then again, Nene Leakes is no Cynthia Bailey."

Leakes said she feels betrayed by Bailey.

"I can admit when something hurts the same way I can apologize when I am wrong but hey who cares about a stupid friendship when you need to secure another season on the show," Leakes wrote on her personal blog neneleakesofficial.com. "The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from the enemy!"