Rihanna and Chris Brown Attending Grammy's Together After Four Years?

Rihanna and Chris Brown publicly endured a domestic dispute after attending the 2009 Grammy Awards together and now some sources have reported that the pair is ready to attend the awards show together four years later.

Both Rihanna, 24, and Brown, 23, have received Grammy nominations for next year's 55th annual awards show with the former earning three nominations and the latter receiving one nomination. According to a Hollywood Life source, the reportedly reconciled pair who has been collaborating on music, announcing their love for one another and sharing Instagram photographs together are planning to arrive at the show together once again.

"That's what it's looking like. (They're) already trying to figure that (expletive) out," a source reportedly told Hollywood Life. "Rihanna wants to go together and he's on board. Ain't no hiding nothing anymore, all (their) (expletive) out and in the open."

The source reportedly spoke about the pair congratulating one another on their nominations.

"They both congratulated each other on their nominations," the source reportedly said. "Rihanna told that him 'Don't trip on anything, you got this' and Chris was like 'Thanks baby, I know. Chris wants her to win just as much as he wants to win."

While neither Brown's nor Rihanna's party have confirmed an appearance at the Grammy awards together next year, Brown is still serving probation for beating his ex-girlfriend following the 2009 awards show. However, Brown has made it clear that he now plans to be an advocate for domestic violence.

"I think everybody feels so attached to this old situation. I mean it is still a detrimental situation because of the stuff that we deal with today and that's why I'm doing like the Jenesse Center and all these other stuff that shows that domestic violence is not okay," Brown said in an interview on California radio station Power 106 FM last month. "But as far as like our personal lives, I think people just have to like give it a chance, not even give it a chance – shut the hell up! That's basically what it is! Because at the end of the day, whatever opinion they have is not going to change what I'm doing and it hasn't and it's not going to change what they are doing."