Rihanna Named Most Influential Celebrity on the Internet

Rihanna is the most influential celebrity on the internet, according to the Top 50 Most Influential Celebrities, a study that was conducted by Zimbio.

The criterion for the study was that celebrities had to be active on both Twitter and Facebook, be primarily famous in the U.S., and have an individual or personal account.

Rihanna has a very active Twitter, Facebook and Instagram presence which was why she was able to beat out Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears for the top spot.

The news comes soon after she was described in an article by a prominent entertainment writer as "toxic."

U.K. journalist Liz Jones received criticism after writing the article "Pop's poisonous princess: Glorying in drugs, guns and sleaze, Rihanna's toxic role model for her army of young fans."

 Jones, who is notorious for sparking controversy, openly criticized the singer's behavior. Jones cited the pop singer's hard partying and marijuana photographs, which she often shares with her millions of Twitter followers, as legitimate cause for concern. Jones, who writes for the Daily Mail, criticized the singer for "glorifying drugs," particularly when she has impressionable young fans. This did not sit well with Rihanna who admitted that she is not "perfect."

Rihanna immediately responded to Jones' concerns about her carefree image, which includes writing sexually explicit song lyrics and flaunting a skimpy wardrobe among other things.

"LOL!!!! My money got a bad habit of p------ people off!! If you sincerely wanna help little girls more than their own parents do, here's a toxic tip: don't be amateur with your articles, you sound bitter!" Rihanna wrote via social networking site Instagram.

"What's all this about hair and nails and costumes and tattoos?? ....That s--- ain't clever!!! That s--- ain't journalism! That's a sad sloppy menopausal mess!!!" she continued.