Rihanna YouTube Surpasses Justin Bieber - 2 Million More Views

Rihanna has surpassed Justin Bieber as YouTube's most-viewed artist of all time. Rihanna made the pass Tuesday morning when her VEVO channel, consisting of 77 videos, reached 3.784 billion views, which is two million more than the 79 videos on Bieber's channel.

While Bieber has 4.954 million subscribers, Rihanna has 8.734 million.

Korean pop/rapper Psy has 3.1 billion views and most of those are off of his hit song, "Gangnam Style."

Eminem has 2.4 billion views, Lady Gaga has 2.3, and Shakira has 2 billion according to Billboard.

One thing that Bieber has on Rihanna is Twitter followers. He is the most popular person with 40 million followers surpassing Lady Gaga in January.

Rihanna's newest single, "Stay," reached a new milestone for the singer. The song charted at No. 9 on the "Adult Contemporary" chart on Billboard. This marks the first time she has ever made that chart.

The chart she frequents most is the "Pop Hot 100" where she holds a record 10 No. 1 songs , and holds the record for top 10 appearances with 23, and a total of 36 charting.

Rihanna recently made headlines with her latest concert performance where she smacked a fan with a microphone.

The concert was in Birmingham on her Diamonds tour, where the singer came off the stage and sang in front of the crowd while touching a few fans.

However, one of the fans would not let go of the singer, resulting with her swinging the mic off the fans head.

She defended herself later on Instagram saying, "Purpose!!! That b**** won't let me go (sic)."