Rob Kardashian Weight Loss: Photo Shows Off Weight Loss in Las Vegas

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(Photo: Twitter/Rob Kardashian)Rob Kardashian shows off his weight loss in Las Vegas.

Rob Kardashian's weight loss has impressed fans of the reality TV star, after he revealed a significantly slimmer figure at a recent event in Las Vegas.

Kardashian has had a well publicized fight with his weight over recent years, but he has remained committed to slimming down and shedding his unwanted pounds. He was finally given the chance to show off his progress on Saturday night when he attended an event at Neiman Marcus for his Arthur George by Rob Kardashian line of socks.

The reality TV star showed up to the event wearing a suit that showed off his weight loss. However, during the evening Kardashian did admit that he still had a lot more work to do and he remained committed to losing more weight.

Speaking to People magazine, Kardashian explained that he has been working out twice a day in an effort to get thinner. He has also signed up a personal trainer to assist him in his challenge, and also has leaned on the support of his friends, who often attend the gym with him.

He told Us Weekly, "I'm kind of doing my own thing with Lamar [Odom]'s trainer. He's on salary since he was 19 years old, so he works for us. I've been spending time with him."

He added, "I still have to lose like 40 to 50 pounds believe it or not. Six months I should be there."

Kardashian has been open about being sensitive about his weight, and he has tried various other strenuous activities to help his fight with his weight. Earlier this month he was spotted hiking around Culver City near Los Angeles.