Robert Sand, 'Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad,' Arrested in Philippines

Robert Sand was known as the world's "most wanted deadbeat dad" for owing over $1 million in child support. He managed to evade prosecution and police, but was finally arrested in the Philippines and brought back to the United States, where he will face prosecution.

Sand currently owes approximately $1.2 million in back child support to the two ex-wives he fathered three children with. Prosecutors were alerted to the situation all the way back in 2002 but did not press charges until 2009. Sand had a history of failing to pay his debts and complying with court orders.

"I think he should be locked up for a long time," one ex-wife told the Daily News. "He was a terrible role model, so I think it benefited us not having him around."

Sand fled to Thailand after arrest warrants were issued. He ran into trouble when he entered the Philippines without the proper papers. Officials took him into custody, and then deported him back to the United States. Federal marshals took him back into custody on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

"I'm very glad he's back in the U.S.A.," Rita Sand, Robert's mother, told the Daily News. "I told him to stick it out, that you can't get blood from a stone, but he said he didn't have that kind of money to pay. He made a terrible mistake leaving the country. He's not a bad guy; he just got caught up in that spider web of whatever the system is."

Sand will now be returned to Long Island, where he will be forced to stand before a judge on all the charges brought against him. It's the end of the road for local and national prosecutors, who labeled Sand the "world's most wanted deadbeat dad."

Even though two of Sand's children are completely grown, the money is still owed to them due to federal mandates. Sand has avoided paying out the monies since 1996.