Robin Roberts of 'Good Morning America' Has High Spirits Before Bone Marrow Transplant

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Facebook Fan Page: Robin RobertsABC's Robin Roberts has been diagnosed with MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome)

Robin Roberts, the co-host for "Good Morning America," will go in for a bone marrow transplant today. Despite being in a dismal position, the news anchor has revealed her high spirits via a blog.

Robin Roberts checked in to the hospital on Monday morning in preparation for her bone marrow transplant, which will take place on Thursday. The operation has forced the co-host to take a break from her usual gig on "Good Morning America" although she has continued to stay in strong support of her team.

"Last Sunday to lift my spirits I threw a little party at my apartment for my 'GMA' family," Robins stated in her latest blog post. "The next morning I walked through the hospital doors, with my guardian angels- mom & dad- back together and blazing a trail ahead of me."

Robins has begun chemotherapy and will continue with the treatment until Wednesday, which she says has been deemed the day of "rest."

"The start of last week went well but the daily chemo/treatment caught up to me by the weekend. My body is so weak but not my mind. YOU give me the courage to keep going," Robins continued.

Following her day of rest, Robins will go directly for the transplant.

"So today is my last day of chemo ... Wednesday is called a day of rest, yay, right! The transplant is scheduled for Thursday morning," she added.

Roberts has contracted the rare blood disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome or MDS. The disease has caused damage to her bone marrow, requiring the news personality to get a transplant; her sister has offered to be the donor. Due to the operation, Roberts will not return to "Good Morning America" for the next several months, and a long break than was originally anticipated.