Robot Prostitution Future of Amsterdam?

A new publication in the journal "Futures" has suggested that robotic prostitutes will play a heavy role in the future of the sex industry due to decreased risk of disease and guilt.

Two New Zealand researchers who have taken an interest in futuristic studies and the sex industry have suggested that the future will offer robotic prostitutes as an option for customers.

Ian Yeoman, a management professor who specializes in the field of scenario planning for the tourism industry, and and sexologist Michelle Mars from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, have predicted that Amsterdam will be the first city to adopt the idea of sex prostitutes.

Dr. Yeoman has also authored "Tomorrow's Tourist" in which he predicts several tourism scenarios in the future. Yeoman and Mars however, for their Futures article titled "Robots, Men And Sex Tourism", have placed an emphasis on the sex industry in the year 2050.

The paper discusses an Amsterdam club that will offer services estimated to cost upwards of 10,000 Euro or $12,672. The researchers have named the club Yub-yum and stated that services would include massages, lap dances, and intercourse.

"Amsterdam's tourist industry is built on an image of sex and drugs," the article suggested.

According to the researchers the new sex robots would be an ideal way for the city to promote a safer and more "guilt free" sex industry.

"Robot sex is safer sex, free from the constraints, precautions and uncertainties of the real deal," the article read.

Dr. Yeoman has also made considerations for those travelers who may not have enough energy to enjoy an "all nighter".

"If you look at some of the research from the US army research centre, what they do at the moment, when soldiers go into battle, they're given sleep deprivation tablets," Dr Yeoman stated in Mail Online.

"To a certain extent you could replicate that into travel and tourism, taking a tablet to do a 24-hour experience."