Salma Hayek Boots Cause Tumble in Paris Ahead of Puss In Boots Premiere

Salma Hayek was lucky to escape injury over the weekend as she tripped in her boots and took a tumble in Paris.

The Puss In Boots star lost her footing and nearly feel awkwardly as she exited from the George V hotel in Paris as she was preparing to join the Puss in Boots premiere in the French capital.

Hayek was with her young daughter at the time, and little four-year-old Valentina was almost pulled down with her mother as she held her hand during the fall.

Antonio Banderas was also with Hayek and was quick to check that the actress was not badly injured.

The Hollywood star recovered and later in the day attended the Puss in Boots premiere wearing a dark blue silk dress with a black velvet ribbon and high black platform pumps.

Francois-Henri Pinault, Hayek’s husband, was not at the premiere this time, but Hayek was sure to take along her young daughter Valentina for the Paris experience.