Thursday, April 05, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Leaked, Device Launching May 22?

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Leaked, Device Launching May 22?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now expected to launch on May 22 in London thanks to a leaked Samsung press invitation that recently surfaced on the internet.

An Official Samsung Press Invitation listed May 22 as the release date for the device, and that the launch event would be held in the U.K.

The image that leaked displays a part of the phone where a sleek metal casing can be seen that tapers and bends backwards towards the bottom of the device with the display infusing seamlessly on the front.

There is no micro USB port on the bottom which has led some tech experts to believe that the Galaxy S3 could feature wireless charging. This has been an ongoing rumor for quite some time. There are also no visible keys in the picture.

In other Galaxy S3 news, a publication known as AsiaE stated that Samsung was not going to use a PenTile arrangement for the display on the upcoming Galaxy S3.

Many tech news outlets such as YouMobile and CrazyAboutAndroid feel that this is largely due to the fact that the new HTC One X features a 720p Super LCD display that is more impressive than any touch screen on the market.

"While we consider the new HTC One X's 720p Super LCD 2 to offer the best screen we've seen on a phone, Samsung has created clear intentions to concentrate on OLED going forward, and such a sharper Super AMOLED Plus display could further enhance the bar," wrote CrazyAboutAndroid.

They feel that Samsung is attempting to outdo HTC and create a device with an even more detailed screen and the Pentile structure it applied to the Galaxy Note was not going to be enough to beat the other smartphone makers.

Samsung is also rumored to be going with a 4.6-inch display for the handset that is arguably one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2012.



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