Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Introduced: Wireless Charger, Game Pad, S View Cover

A whole slew of new accessories for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 have been introduced.

This list of accessories for the smartphone includes the S Band, S View Cover, Game Pad, Wireless Charging Cover, Flip Cover, Heart Rate Monitor, and Body Scale.

The S Band is a stylish wristband that tracks the user's steps, calories, distance and sleep quality. It performs these tasks with the updated S Health 2.0 app found on the Galaxy S4.

The S View Cover is a cover that allows users to see all incoming information through a small window located towards the top. It also allows them to answer calls with a cutout at the earpiece.

The Game Pad accessory closely resembles the remote for the Xbox 360. It features a "docking system" for that smartphone that could potentially support the Galaxy Note 2 as well. Gamers could enjoy a better experience playing their favorite titles on the device with this accessory.

The Wireless Charging Cover replaces the backing of the device so it is compatible with the charging base. Users will be able to place their Galaxy S4 on its surface and charge up the device wirelessly.

The Flip Cover is basically the same for the Galaxy S4 as it was for the S3 and Note 2. It is a bit thinner and comes in five vibrant colors as well as in black and white.

The Heat Rate Monitor is great for runners and sports enthusiasts who want to record their heart rate in real time and have the statistics available on their Galaxy S4.

The Body Scale has the ability to send the user's daily weight to the Galaxy S4 using Bluetooth. It allows them to track their weight history through a period of time with the S Health app and supports up to seven family members.