Sarah Silverman's 'Abortion' Twitter Photo Deemed Distasteful

Comedian Sarah Silverman's recent tweet about her receiving a mock abortion, accompanied by "before" and "after" images, has created a firestorm of criticism, with many deeming her joke to be anything but humorous.

Others support Silverman's tweet, saying that she is voicing her pro-choice rights. Still, others argue that the controversial stand-up comedian was not trying to make a political statement, but rather just trying to be funny.

As Fox News reports, many are chastizing Silvermman for her "insensitivity" toward a subject that is "no laughing matter."

On April 12, Silverman tweeted a photo with her boyfriend, "Family Guy" writer Alec Sulkin. The photo shows Silverman pushing her stomach out, giving the appearance that she was pregnant. Accompanying the photo was the caption "It's a burrito!"

She then tweeted a picture of herself with her protruding stomach next to a picture of herself with a flat stomach, the caption reading "Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned."

The pictures were supposed to represent the "before" and "after" shots of her fake abortion.

Although Silverman, 41, has never been sensitive to politically incorrect subjects, as she has previously made jokes regarding Martin Luther King Jr. and Jewish people, many are arguing that her abortion joke has crossed the line.

Many critics are saying Silverman posted the tweet in reference to presidential GOP candidate Mitt Romney promising to overturn Roe v. Wade, which legalizes abortion, if he is elected.

Fox News referred to Silverman's tweet as a political statement regarding the "war against women," which has recently become a hot button issue revolving around anti-abortion laws and the condemnation of Obamacare's birth control mandate, which would force employers and universities to offer insurance coverage for birth control.

Many have accused the conservative right of waging a war against a woman's right to choose. Conservatives argue that the issue is about religious freedom and the preservation of human life.

Others argue that Silverman had no political motive in her tweet, but was rather simply trying to push the envelope with her comedic approach.

Still, others have disregarded any political affiliation Silverman may have had, and have chosen to deem her comment as "tasteless."

"Really in poor taste, Sarah," tweeted Chicago-based comedy group The Second City.

Others in the Twittersphere called Silverman's online statement "gross" and "repulsive."

This is not the first time the controversial comedian has addressed the topic of abortion. She frequently joked about the subject on "The Sarah Silverman Program," which aired on Comedy Central from 2007-2010.

Some are questioning if the public uproar created by Silverman's tweet will forfeit her chances for an NBC series, which is rumored to be in the works.