'Save America Gathering' Calls for 555 Days of Prayer for the United States

Directors of the Save America Gathering, a coalition of Christian groups dedicated to country unity through prayer, has introduced a new initiative for 2013 that seeks to lead a globally united prayer for the United States.

"In view of recent news events, even the most jaded members of citizenry admit that our culture is showing signs of degradation," Robert Berry, Save America Gathering CEO, said in a recent press release.

The 555 Days of Prayer initiative proposes 555 days of prayer for the United States, one for each of the 555 feet comprising the height of the Washington Monument.

"It would be a great blessing to be able to gather on day 555," Berry continued in the press release. "But we have a while to plan, and a location to finalize."

"We are asking ministries and intercessors, worldwide, to join with us! Information regarding the details of the 555 Days of Prayer will soon be released, and we will soon begin praying for our nation," Berry added.

The Save America Christian prayer gathering initially took place in October 2012, when a coalition of Christian groups gathered in Washington D.C. for a day of repentance and prayer.

According to the Save America Gathering's official website, the purpose of the initiative is to seek God's grace in times of moral differences.

"In this season of unprecedented social, economic, political, and spiritual crisis, our country faces the same kinds of destructive threats portrayed so vividly by the prophet Joel," the website contends, referencing the biblical advice given to the prophet Joel to return to God in times of trouble.

"Recognizing the imminent danger and devastation of our land, the 'Save America' gathering seeks our national salvation through our humble repentance from sin and rededication to God. In brokenness and humility, we will come and prostrate ourselves before the Lord, crying out for God's mercy and forgiveness on our wayward nation," the website adds.

Organizers have insisted that the prayer initiative does not have a stated political agenda, but rather seeks to address the sins of the nation "in every sphere of culture and society," including praying for those in positions of power, as well as for the country's youth and children.

The initiative's CEO, Robert Berry, added in the press release that in addition to the 555 Days of Prayer initiative, there will also be another Christian prayer assembly similar to the one held in October in Washington D.C. some time in the future.