Scarlett Johansson Tattoo Draws Criticism

Scarlett Johansson has debuted a new tattoo featuring a horseshoe this week, surprising fans.

The new ink is located on the actress' ribcage and features "Lucky You" as well as stars surrounding a horseshoe symbol. Johansson debuted the tattoo in Paris after attending an exhibition by Fuzi Uvtpk, the French tattoo and graffiti artist who reportedly inked her horseshoe, according to MSN.

Uvtpk's art often features cartoon-style pieces and according to his website, Johansson is not the first to receive a tattoo by the artist, as "Fuzi left his mark on the skins of graffiti writers as well as big names in music and fashion."

Johansson has gone under the needle before, as the horseshoe joins three other tattoos. The actress has a landscape picture on one arm, the letter "A" on her ankle, and "I Heart New York" inscribed on her wrist, according to The New York Post.

While it is not a first for Johansson, her fans have posted their reactions to the tattoo on Twitter Thursday.

"Check out Scarlett Johansson's new tattoo," wrote one Twitter user. "No, it wasn't done in prison."

Hayley posted, "Scarlett Johansson tattoo is nasty… what do u guys think?"

"So this has been brought to my attention," Rachelle wrote, adding a link to Johansson's tattoo. "No one can ever convince me that Johansson is attractive now."

The criticism is nothing new for the actress, as Johansson has admitted being surprised over how her fans behave when they are in her presence.

"I'm constantly surprised how rude people are," said the "Avengers" star while speaking to the U.K.'s Independent earlier this year.

"You'll be having an intimate dinner with a friend and there's somebody on the table behind with a camera phone pointing at your face," she added.

Johansson is sensitive to the issue after she was involved in a scandal involving smartphone photos that were hacked from her email account and published online.

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old actress is preparing for the release of her new film, "Hitchcock," where she portrays actress Janet Leigh. The film about the making of the classic horror movie "Psycho" will hit theaters later this year.