Scientists Unveil Healthiest Meal Ever: Salmon, Chicken, Yogurt?

After years of research and 4,000 health claims, scientists have announced that the ultimate healthy meal includes salmon terrine, chicken casserole, and yogurt blancmange.

Led at Leatherhead Food Research in the U.K., the scientists analyzed health claims by manufacturers and supermarkets that boasted the healthiest options. The independent organization narrowed the healthiest meals down to 222 before agreeing on the healthiest menu ever. The foods have since been approved by EU food watchdogs.

The series of superfoods include salmon terrine, which is smoked salmon served in a pan with fresh herbs and olive oil. It contains Omega 3 and docosahexaenoic (DHA) which is good for the arteries, heart, and brain.

Next, an accompanying mixed leaf salad offers healthier cholesterol levels, while chicken casserole with lentils and mixed vegetables is especially full of nutrients.

The study revealed that chicken casserole could make 80 official health claims, for the protein in it "contributes to a growth in muscle mass," and the acid found in lentils can help energize while heightening "mental performance," according to the study, as reported by the Daily Mail.

A high-fiber multigrain roll is also listed as part of the healthiest meal ever.

For dessert, the scientists named a yogurt-based blancmange, similar to vanilla pudding, topped with walnuts and sugar-free caramel sauce as the most nutritious option. Yogurt is well known for aiding digestion while walnuts have been proven to "contribute to the improvement of the elasticity of blood vessels."

Many readers have expressed mixed responses to the group's choices for the healthiest meal ever.

"I think most fresh foods are healthy… processed and stored food is not… a simple thumb rule one can follow…. of course remember the key word 'moderation,'" wrote a Times of India reader.

On Twitter, user Zak posted his doubt, writing, "Pretty hefty claim," in response to the healthiest meal ever, while another user jokingly posted a picture of hotdogs and a pop tart as the healthiest meal ever.