Seal Defends Public Divorce Talk While Heidi Klum Proceeds to File

As new reports confirm that there will be no reconciliation between Seal and Heidi Klum, the singer has defended his decision to speak publicly about their divorce and appears to have no regrets.

Seal has received widespread criticisms for sharing his marital affairs with the media and although some fans have accused him of exploiting his divorce for publicity, the British singer recently explained the reasoning behind openly sharing what some argue is private information.

"When you publicize your marriage as much as our marriage was publicized, when you renew wedding vows, when you do all those things, what you are saying to people is ... you're giving people a picture of an ideal relationship that people aspire to," Seal said on the "Fifi and Jules" radio show in Australia.

"When it goes south, you can't all of a sudden take the philosophy of a monk and decide to go for a vow of silence. It doesn't really work like that," he added.

The father of four, who is in Australia working as a mentor for their version of "The Voice," recently told CNN's Piers Morgan that a reconciliation "may happen" while wearing his wedding band although the latest reports suggest that now there is no hope.

"They had both been wearing their wedding rings and had mutually thought they might be able to work it out. But it doesn't look like it's going that way," a source told PEOPLE magazine.

"They have had very little contact and Heidi wants to keep it this way. She feels less stressed out now and feels it's best to be away from Seal, so she doesn't get confused about her feelings. She is moving forward with the divorce," the source added.

While it is still unclear what prompted the couple to split after seven years, critics suspect that Seal's candid interviews have only made 38-year-old Klum more certain about proceeding with the divorce though Seal.

Klum, who has remained silent about her marital problems is believed to be unimpressed with her estranged husband's interviews, although he insists that his intentions were good.

"It's not like this [split] happened and I decided the next week to go on the show. I respect my wife's decision not to talk about that, but I felt that people at least deserved some kind of explanation why the picture of the ideal wasn't what they thought it was," Seal explained.