Selena Gomez Bonding with Baby Sister

Selena Gomez was spotted cuddling her newborn baby sister in Southern California on Monday.

The 20-year-old singer received a visit from her mother, Mandy Teefey, step-dad, Brian Teefey, and her baby sister Gracie Elliot at a Malibu park where she bonded with the baby.

Gomez was photographed lavishing kisses and giggles over her new baby sister, according to the Daily Mail.

Just barely two weeks old, Gracie arrived on June 12.

"Momma, Brian and me are all so grateful for all your well wishes," Gomez posted to Twitter earlier this month. "My lil sissy Gracie Elliot Teefey was born on June 12. Luv you all XO"

Meanwhile, the former Disney actress is gearing up for an international tour entitled Stars Dance World Tour.

Furthermore, Gomez's new album "Stars Dance" will hit stores on July 23. The album features the hit single "Come And Get It."

Gomez also stays busy with her Dream Out Loud clothing line as well as her acting career.

In addition to her successful music career alongside the pop band The Scene, Gomez strives to become an accomplished actress. She first appeared on "Wizards of Waverly Place," but also in Disney films "Another Cinderella Story" and "Princess Protection Program," but today, Gomez would like more adult roles.

"I get offered teenybopper movies, and I've done that," said the Texas native speaking to Elle magazine late last year. "I haven't done a mega-hundred-billion-dollar Transformers movie, but that's not what I want to do, either."

In recent months, the multi-faceted star has made changes to her public image by debuting more mature looks on the red carpet as well as in the music video for "Come And Get It."

Gomez is keen to maintain her career in Hollywood as an adult, even if it means abandoning a more innocent persona.

"Now that Selena is growing up to be a more serious actress and separating herself from her Disney past, she has no problem going topless if the role calls for it," said an insider at

The former Disney star recently portrayed a partying teenager in "Spring Breakers," a role that may have aided in changing the actress' innocent image.