Sharon Stone Defies Age at 55 with Hollywood Starlet Looks

At the age of 55 Sharon Stone can still claim to have the looks of a Hollywood starlet, and in a recent interview revealed her secrets on how she looks so young.

"I'm a gym rat," Stone said in an interview with Access Hollywood at the "Lovelace" premiere. "I just joined a regular gym and I like to go where people really work out. I just get into it. I put my headphones on and get lost in there."

The actress goes on to explain her routine, and what she does in the gym.

"I think that one should do all exercises from the core. Um, it's part of the breathing. We don't have to do all kinds of stuff but we should be able to work with our own bodyweight. I think we should be able to exercises using our own bodies," said Stone.

Stone also revealed she used to do a lot of Pilates, but felt she needed something a bit more intense to get stronger and build muscle.
Another important exercise to her workout regime is dancing.

"I put on dance mixes and I really dance my brains out at home because I enjoy that," she told PEOPLE magazine. "That saying – 'Dance like nobody is watching' – I do that. I dance like nobody's watching and I dance hard until I sweat and I think that that's very good. It's good for the mind and the body."

Even at her age now, Stone can still get prominent leading roles that may usually require a younger actress. Perhaps her body and young looks has more to do with her attitude on aging then the measures she uses to fight it.

"We're not getting any younger so this construct of staying boys and girls forever is an absurd concept. We need to enjoy becoming men and to women and to look at it as a goal as we become wise and logical," she said to Access Hollywood on the process of dealing with aging. "[We need] to look at ourselves in our 40s and 50s as at the beginning of the next chapter. Do we want the same job, do we want the same life, do we want to live in the same place? I think it's a logical, intelligent and joyful thing to do."