Socialists love abortion because they hate families

Can economics explain the left’s rage over the Supreme Court’s abortion of Roe v. Wade? It can, and the logical chain isn’t that long. But we must understand true Marxism, not the popular myth that it is nothing more than a way to help the poor. 

Karl Marx claimed that class conflict drives history. The bourgeoisie get economic power by exploiting the much larger working class, the proletariat. Yet this conflict of interests has rarely boiled over into revolutions of the type that happened in Russia and China. What went wrong? Why didn’t the poor and oppressed stand up and throw off their chains? It wasn’t logical, Marxists alleged.

Marx’s followers began rummaging through the closets of their dark minds for answers. One they dredged up was Critical Theory, which taught that women and minorities had been oppressed for so long they had become accustomed to it and didn’t recognize how oppressed they were. Marxists claimed that Christianity helped the oppression of the proletariat by focusing their attention on heaven (encouraging them to endure hardship), and promoting the evil of private property. Another enabler of oppression, Marxists claimed, is the family.

Socialism before Marx had been anti-family from the beginning because socialists viewed Christianity as their arch enemy, according to F. A. Hayek in his classic book, The Counter-revolution in Science: Studies on the Abuse of Reason. They not only wanted to get rid of property, but the sexual morality and family life it endorsed as well.

Marxists fabricated the idea that the family hindered the proletariat awakening to their oppression: “Institutions such as the family perform the function of ‘ideological control’, or convincing the masses that the present unequal system is inevitable, natural and good.” Also, bourgeoisie passed on their great wealth to their children, so it became concentrated instead of spreading to the proletariat, according to Marxists.

Friedrich Engels, a wealthy bourgeois industrialist and sycophant of Marx, hated the Christian family so much he wrote a fake history of its origins by capitalists:

According to Engels, the monogamous nuclear family only emerged with Capitalism. Before Capitalism, traditional, tribal societies were classless and they practised a form of ‘primitive communism’ in which there was no private property. In such societies, property was collectively owned, and the family structure reflected this – there were no families as such, but tribal groups existed in a kind of ‘promiscuous horde’ in which there were no restrictions on sexual relationships.”

Progressives (socialists) in the 20th century, accordingly, intended abortion to control the fertility of minorities, rather than to liberate women, according to Planned Parenthood:

“The difficult truth is that Margaret Sanger’s racist alliances and belief in eugenics have caused irreparable damage to the health and lives of Black people, Indigenous people, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, and many others. Her alignment with the eugenics movement, rooted in white supremacy, is in direct opposition to our mission and belief that all people should have the right to determine their own future and decide, without coercion or judgement, whether and when to have children.”

World War II destroyed the reputation of eugenics, so its promoters fished around for new uses for their favorite tools: abortion and minimum wages. By the 1960s they would use abortion against their old enemy, the family. In their twisted vision, having children enslaved women to the family and perpetuated capitalism. Abortion would free them to be like men. They could have sex with anyone they wanted and not be forced to marry because of children.

Not all proponents of abortion are socialists. Most are what Lenin called “useful idiots” in that they promote the cause of socialism without knowing it while thinking they advocate something else, such as women’s liberation. But the intelligent socialist knows that abortion is a powerful weapon for destroying families and capitalism. The Supreme Court didn’t completely disarm them, but it did force them to retreat a little.

Christians know that families form the heart of God’s organization of society. “No doubt about it: children are a gift from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a divine reward” (Psalm 127:3). Socialists should heed the warning that, “Those who trouble their family will inherit the wind. The fool will be servant to the wise ," (Proverbs 11:29) as well as, “But if someone doesn’t provide for their own family, and especially for a member of their household, they have denied the faith. They are worse than those who have no faith/" (I Timothy 5:8)

Roger McKinney is the author of Financial Bull Riding and God is a Capitalist: Markets from Moses to Marx.

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