Sonic Lost World Release Date: Sonic Makes His Wii U and 3DS Debut in Europe Friday

Sonic the Hedgehog is making his debut on the Wii U with Sonic Lost World this Friday when it launches in Europe.

The game was reportedly modeled after the Mario Galaxy series and will be one of the major games contending to catapult the Wii U.

Sonic Lost World has stages that are reminiscent of earlier games in the franchise, but will add the 3D action/platform element to it for both the Wii U and handheld version for the 3DS.

The level designs are all on a cylinder in a forward scrolling and sometimes, side scrolling 3D world. The game seems to have much promise from the trailers and early reviews.

The Sonic franchise has been suffering a bit over the last decade as the Sega Team has produced many more flops than quality games. In recent years they have tried to make Sonic do way too much and involved him with swords, human girlfriends, and even turned him into a Werehog.

This game supposedly builds off of Sonic Colors and continues into the right direction as far as fluid no-gimmick gameplay.

Gamestop and Amazon will be offering separate special promotional bonus packages for gamers who pre-order the game before the North American release on Oct. 29.

According to ShackNews, these bonuses will help players advance through the game.

The first of the pre-order specials is at GameStop. Gamers will receive an in-game Omochao RC gadget that will help in collecting rings in co-op mode.

The second bonus comes when ordering the game on Amazon. The player will get 25 extra lives to help them out in the game and also to be a bit more risky with a cushion.

However, some are upset with this last bonus because it almost seems like Sega is making money selling extra lives. It also suggests that perhaps the game is too hard so a user must buy the pre-order for an advantage.

"[Selling extra lives] will never be a thing in a Sonic game. The extra lives are a way to let you have a bit more fun being reckless if you want to be," said Sega's Aaron Webber to Kotaku.

Sonic will also be in Super Smash Bros 4, coming out in early 2014.