'Sonic Mania' Launch Pushed Back to September

(Photo: SEGA)Sega's "Sonic Mania" was due to arrive in summer 2017 but the date was pushed back to September.

SEGA, the game developer behind the "Sonic Mania" reboot of the classic Sonic franchise, has informed fans via email from Amazon that the much-awaited platformer has been delayed again. A new estimated release date for the game has been announced, pushing back the side-scrolling game's launch to September this year.

Amazon has sent emails to SEGA fans who have preordered "Sonic Mania." The commerce giant announced in its email that the release date for the game has changed once again. According to the email, the estimated delivery date for the preordered "Sonic Mania" will be on September 4 of this year.

Amazon received the information of the new date presumably from SEGA, according to its message. "We have received new release date information to your pre-ordered video game. The release date for the video game listed below has been changed by the publisher, and we want to provide you with a new delivery estimate based on the new release date," the email text went to say, followed by the information that "Sonic Mania PlayStation 4" has an estimated arrival date of September 4, 2017.

Amazon ended the email promising to get the item to the users as soon as it gets released to the company. "We'll make every effort to get the delayed items to you as soon as possible," Amazon's email continued, via Hey Poor Player.

Last month, SEGA announced in the Sonic panel at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference that the company is pushing back the release of "Sonic Mania" from spring to summer of this year. Although not exact date has been specified, the development team "[needs] more time to make sure the game is as good as it can be," according to the panel via Sonic Stadium.

According to SEGA, they are taking the time to polish the game to ensure high quality. "Quality is our number one priority," the company asserts.