Spider-Man Box Office First Day: $35 Million

The New Spider-Man movie has had a fantastic first day at the Box Office in the United States and Canada. "The Amazing Spider-Man" managed to take $35 million in its first day, which is a record for a Tuesday opening, Sony Pictures Entertainment, which distributes the film, said on Wednesday.

According to Sony Pictures the film did well in 3D, and its takings included $4 million from giant Imax theater screens.

The film has broken the previous record of $27.8 million for a Tuesday debut film, which was the amount that "Transformers" took when that franchise was re-launched in 2007.

It is expected that domestic sales would remain strong throughout the week and from Tuesday through Sunday the movie is expected to take between $110 million to 120 million. The boost is thought to come thanks to Wednesday being Independence Day, and families will celebrate the Fourth of July with a trip to the theater.

The revamped Spider Man movie was given a lot of attention by Sony Pictures, which spent about $215 million to produce the eagerly anticipated movie. On top of that the distributor is thought to have spent tens of millions more on marketing the movie.

The original trilogy of Spider Man movies featuring Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst managed to take $2.5 billion at the global box offices over its three movies. It is thought the latest movie will spurn off following films, which could see takings similar to the original trilogy.