Steve Jobs Forever Changed the Way Christians Will Read the Bible

A modern day Johanannes Gutenberg is what Youversion, the creator of one of the world’s most used Bible applications considers the late visionary Steve Jobs to be.

Like Gutenberg, who revolutionized the Bible by making it available to millions with the creation of the printing press, Jobs forever changed the way Christians will access the Word of God with the products he created and influenced.

“Many people now know the Bible as the Bible App, primarily because Jobs envisioned a new kind of communication device,” wrote Youversion on its blog, “Just as research was indicating a rapid decline in Bible reading and engagement, millions of people all over the world are now spending billions of minutes reading, listening to, and sharing the Bible-using mobile devices that Jobs either created or influenced.”

Some Christians would say that Jobs did not realize what kind of impact he had on Christianity.

But judging from the faith he seemed to put into his actions, Jobs probably understood that the moves he made would change the world in one way or another.

Youversion highlighted the fact that Gutenberg’s printing press gave birth to modern publishing.

Devices Jobs envisioned such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod have forever changed the way Christians “do church” and read their bibles.

Any pastor can create a pod cast of a sermon and distribute it to millions of believers to listen to on their iPods or iPads.

A Bible app such as Youversion can be downloaded to an iPhone and other smartphones such as a Blackberry or an Android device and be read for free.

The Word of God can be accessible to Christians at all times by simply navigating around their smartphone thanks to innovation brought to technology by Jobs.

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