Submarine Wreck Found: Recovered in Swedish Waters Full of Mines [VIDEO]

The Soviet submarine wreck has been found in Swedish waters nearly seven decades after it went missing, the Swedish navy said Monday. The underwater vessel is thought to have sank in the Baltic Sea after it was blown apart by a mine during the war.

The WWII Russian submarine wreck was found by civilian divers over the summer and then reported it to the military who began to document it through photographs. The Swedish navy sent a salvage ship to take footage of the wreck underwater and report it to Russian authorities.

Swedish military said the S-6 submarine went missing in 1941 in an area mined by German forces. The submarine sustained severe damage and was found with it's hatches open, suggesting that it was on the surface at the time it was struck by a mine or was attacked.

"There is much to indicate that the submarine headed straight into the minefield while on the surface and was blown apart by a mine," the military said in a statement.
The navy posted a video and still images of the submarine wreck showed it had broken into two large sections. It remains underwater, south-east of the island of Oland.

The Swedish navy has notified Russian authorities of the submarine's whereabouts so that they could prepare a memorial at the site. The wreck is now considered a war grave, according to the military.

Several Soviet submarines from World World II have been found in recent years in Swedish waters.