'Suits' Season 3 Summer Finale Spoilers: 'So Many Sides of Louis'

The mid-season finale of hit drama "Suits" airs tonight and fans are eager to know what will become of Mike, Sheila, Louis and the rest of the cast. For those who cannot wait until the show airs tonight, read on for some midseason finale spoilers.

Aaron Korsh, the creator and executive producer of "Suits," recently sat down with TV Guide to reveal some hints about tonight's finale. Though he remained tight-lipped about the conflict between Mike and Louis.

"I'm not going to answer whether Louis actually finds out Mike's secret or not -- he's suspicious. He has no proof of anything. The absence of a file doesn't 100 percent mean he's a fraud," Korsh told TV Guide.

He did, however, speak a bit about Louis character and nature.

"We've seen so many sides of Louis. It's difficult to say how Louis would react in any situation. Sometimes he can be petty and vindictive, other times he can be sweet and forgiving. Sometimes he can be foolish and impetuous. There's no doubt in my mind that Louis has great affection for Mike Ross in spite of everything and they also have a shared love of the law," explained.

"On the other hand, we've established that Louis is very loyal to this firm. He's also very loyal to Harvard and he's very loyal to the law. These things come into conflict where he might not want to be vindictive about Mike, but he doesn't want to betray Harvard, the law or the firm. It is possibly about protecting the things that he loves," he added.

The mid season finale of "Suits" airs tonight on the USA network.