Super Mario 3D World Had Worst First Week 3D Mario Game Sales Ever

Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U had the worst debut week in 3D Mario history in Japan.

Only selling roughly 107,000 units, those numbers put it way behind the six other Mario titles that are in 3D. However, the numbers are slightly off because the Wii U is also the worst-selling major Nintendo console at this time.

In comparison, the game's predecessor, Super Mario 3D Land, sold 344,698 in its first week. Super Mario Galaxy 2 sold 337,569 while Sunshine and Galaxy One sold 280,610 and 256,341 respectively. Mario 64 and 64 DS sold 162,113 and 120,062.

Super Mario 3D World made its first appearance at the E3 event over the summer, and the game definitely turned heads as far as impressive game play.

The game is multiplayer, or a friend can help out using the GamePad touchscreen.

It features a new style of game play, utilizing for the first time a 2D style of platforming play, but in 3D. Also introduced is the catsuit, which allows players to climb walls.

3D World also brought back Princess Peach and Toad as playable characters in a main Mario game since Super Mario Bros 2 for NES.

According to ShackNews, game producer Yoshiaki Koizuma likes 3D World because it provides a broader audience as it has many characters and play modes to choose from. The Galaxy series had a bit more restraint.

"I think the deep-blue image of space and the impression you get from the title was more geared toward boys," Koizumi said. "I felt like a player-character you might want to choose besides Mario was necessary to convince, say, my wife to feel comfortable picking it up and playing. This time, we welcomed in Princess Peach, so you can play as a female character. In that way, I feel like we filled in a piece that had been missing."

Super Mario 3D World arrived for the Wii U on Nov. 22 in North America, and is a follow up to Super Mario 3D Land. Mario will also be found in Mario Kart 8, set for release in April 2014, and in Super Smash Bros 4, coming early 2014.