Suri Cruise Holidays: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Share Time With Daughter at Christmas (VIDEO)

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REUTERS/Javier BarbanchoSuri Cruise and her father Tom Cruise

Suri Cruise has spent her Christmas holidays with both her parents; first with her mom Katie Holmes, before joining her dad Tom Cruise and his family.

It was six year old Suri's first Christmas holiday since her famous celebrity parents split up earlier this year, however, it appears as though both Holmes and Cruise made their best efforts to ensure she had a fun time with both of them.

It has been reported that 34 year old actress, Katie Holmes, spent time with her daughter in a traditional Midwestern Christmas at her family's home in Toledo, Ohio.

According to a source to People magazine: "Suri spent Christmas Day with her mother and her family in Ohio. It was a wonderful day."

Holmes then traveled back to New York City on Dec. 26 where she had to continue performing in her new Broadway play "Dead Accounts." Meanwhile Suri went to join her father, Tom Cruise, along with his other daughters Bella, 20, and Connor, 17.

Just weeks ago Cruise explained about his holiday plans as he spoke to reporters during his first red carpet appearance since his divorce from Holmes. He was in London for the premiere of his new crime movie, "Jack Reacher."

The actor told People magazine, "We have got lots of very special things planned. We are all going to be together. I am looking forward to it."

The Hollywood actor had been living in London as his base since August, however, he confirmed that he planned to fly back to his $30 million Beverly Hills home in Los Angeles for Christmas.

Earlier this year Cruise also gave an interview to People, explaining how his family love to have Suri around and how they all play together. He said in June, "My older children are around, and my nieces, nephews, my sisters and their families. They all love Suri."

He highlighted Scrabble and Yahtzee as some board games that are favorites around the house, as well as "running around the yard kicking soccer balls."

Meanwhile it was recently announced that Holmes' Broadway play "Dead Accounts" will come to an end early in the new year after poor ticket sales.