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Swedish Children's Book Uses Trans Species Horse-Dog in Promoting Transgenderism

Swedish Children's Book Uses Trans Species Horse-Dog in Promoting Transgenderism

Hästen & Husse book engaging children with transgender issues as seen in a November 19, 2017 STV video. | (Screenshot: STV)

A new Swedish children's book explaining transgenderism features a "trans species" horse that believes it is a dog character in order to teach toddlers and preschoolers they can "be who they want."

The book, titled Hästen & Husse, tells the story of a man who wears women's clothing and lipstick at home and lives with a horse behaving as a dog, Breitbart News reported based on a translation of the Swedish SVT.

Author and university lecturer Susanne Pelger explained that she was inspired to write the 32-page picture book by several students at Lund University who had gone through gender transition.

Pelger, who has a Ph.D. in genetics and biology, stated that gender is not a simple thing.

"Just because you have XX or XY chromosomes, the gender is not determined, there are other variants. Hormones play a role as well as the environment, and the personality. It is very complex," the author argued.

She revealed that the book has already been given to several groups of preschool children, who have responded positively to the material.

A CNN report from September revealed that there is a growing movement in Sweden where preschools seek to remove boy-girl gender differences.

The report revealed that a number of preschools in the Scandinavian nation now refer to children not as "boys" or "girls," but by the gender-neutral pronoun "hen."

Critics, such as psychiatrist and author David Eberhard, argued at the time that such an approach is "intellectually dishonest," however, as it is "blind to biological differences."

"This is the kind of brainwash that works when the kids are small and in the short run they adapt to this, but what happens when they go to normal school and they find out they were living in a sect?" Eberhard stated.

"This is a sort of a religious sect to say there's no differences between men and women, it has nothing to do with science."

In June, the Swedish government announced that it is considering introducing legislation that would charge people who use the wrong gender pronouns of hate crimes.

"This is a special vulnerable group, which has been exposed to hate for a long time," Sweden Justice Minister Morgan Johansson said.

Other nations, such as Canada, have also pushed for similar laws and have been aiming to teach children about transgender issues.

Gender Creative Kids Canada announced in July that it is raising money to create what it called the world's "first educational transgender toy" aimed at youngsters.

The nesting toy in question, named "Sam," seeks to present the many stages of "gender questioning" that children can go through.

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