Take a Career Walk

The "Career Walk" involves an active and regular examination of career goals, aspirations and an evaluation of progress made along the way.

God's Word tells us that when we commit our work to Him, our plans succeed (Proverbs 16:3).

As a Christian, you are called to a higher standard of entrusting your career to the Lord, seeking His guidance about the job assignments you should take, and taking advantage of the Godly counsel He provides.

Maximize your Career Walk

Christians wanting to maximize their "Career Walk" are looking for honest and objective feedback about their situations. They want:

  • Answers to hard questions about job and work.
  •  Ways to keep motivated and focused on career goals.
  •  Wisdom to identify and remove obstacles that impede career progress.
  •  Assistance in designing and taking actions that will improve and build upon what they have already achieved in their careers.
  •  Biblical guidance to help them grab hold of all that God has designed, thereby increasing their role and effectiveness within the Body of Christ.

Throughout your work life there will be various checkpoints or opportunities to examine whether or not you are on the correct path. These routine safeguards and inspections will reveal breakdowns and weaknesses, and give you a chance to tweak and make career adjustments along the way.

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