Teen Bible Campers Hospitalized After Mixing Fart Spray and Deer Repellent in Prank

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(Photo: Screen Grab via Amazon.com)Six teens at a Maryland Bible camp were hospitalized after mixing this fart spray with deer repellent.

A potent mixture of fart spray and deer repellent intended to be a prank turned serious Wednesday when more than a dozen campers from the Christian run Camp Wo-Me-To in Jarrettsville, Md., had to be decontaminated while six were hospitalized due to physical reactions.

According to the Fallston Patch the Harford County Hazardous Materials team was called to the camp at around 10 p.m. Wednesday after initial reports that a 16-year-old boy needed medical assistance for eye and respiratory irritation.

Shortly after that, however, additional medical units had to be sent to the camp to treat more than a dozen patients with similar symptoms.

A Hazmat team later concluded that deer spray and a product known as "Liquid Ass" had been sprayed in two cabins at the camp resulting in the emergency.

In a review of Liquid Ass on Amazon.com one reviewer, J. Buttler noted: "Absolutely disgusting. This really stinks. BUT THAT IS THE POINT RIGHT. I bought four bottles of this and gave one to a buddy. He over did it at work. It was so bad that public works was called to come to the building and check out the plumbing. So funny. Nobody knew."

Another reviewer identified only as Steph, wrote: "For some reason I thought this would be the funniest prank ever. Problem is, I can't even touch the bottles! The bottles themselves smell SO bad, it gets on your fingers and anything else it comes in contact with. The smell is pretty putrid, I can't even describe it. My advice, WEAR GLOVES!"

In a recorded demonstration of the product's effect posted to YouTube last month, the stinky product elicited a variety of reactions from scores of people who unknowingly entered an elevator where it was applied.

People gagged, blamed the carpet, covered their noses or ditched the elevator car the first chance they got.

An official description of the product from the manufacturer's website, notes: "Liquid ASS is a uniquely stinky butt-crack smell in a bottle. Great for Practical jokes and gag gifts."

Both sprays used at the camp reportedly cause respiratory and eye irritation, according to the county release.

According to a release from county officials, the two cabins involved in the prank were ventilated "to help dissipate the strong odor."

Of the campers who were decontaminated by the Hazmat team, six were taken to the Upper Chesapeake Medical Center, Bel Air for evaluation and treatment.

The Hazmat team remained at the camp until about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.

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