Teen Hit by Softball Dies: Taylor Dorman Collapses on 16th Birthday in Gym (VIDEO)

A teen hit by a softball has died on his birthday in a tragic incident at a high school in California on Wednesday.

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(Photo: Police Photo/Dorman Family)Student Taylor Dorman has died after being hit by a softball during a PE lesson at his California school on his 16th birthday.

Reports have described how sophomore Taylor Dorman was hit by a softball during a game of "Over the Line" at Ramona High School during a Physical Education class yesterday.

Following the hit Dorman seemed unaffected, and continued playing, even joking and laughing with other students, according to reports.

However, tragedy hit about 20 minutes after the incident, when Dorman suddenly collapsed on the floor.

Emergency services were immediately called to the scene and Dorman was airlifted to Palomar Medical Center in Escondido around 11a.m. local time.

Medical staff attempted to treat the student but he was pronounced dead just a few hours later, according to school officials.

The tragedy was amplified as it has been reported that Wednesday was also Dorman's 16th birthday, his friends explained.

A makeshift memorial was held on Wednesday night with shocked friends and faculty members uniting outside Ramona High School to pay tribute to Dorman.

According to local media students lit candles and cried as they hugged one another, and they released a large bunch of balloons with "Happy Birthday" printed on them.

Friends have expressed their shock at the turn of events, and described that they were planning a birthday party for Dorman this weekend, but now following the tragedy they will be planning to attend his funeral instead.

One classmate said, "He was always happy and always smiling. And even when it was a bad day he would always bring just so much happiness," according to CBS News.

Here is a video news report into the tragic incident: