'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Chooses Prison Over Rehab, Faces 5 Years in Prison

Amber Portwood is going to prison as a result of a failure to comply with a court-ordered rehab program. She made a scene in front of the judge, saying that she would rather be sent to prison than complete the rehab program. Now it seems as though she has her wish.

Portwood was originally sentenced to a 5-year prison term in January for possession of narcotics but accepted a plea deal contingent on the condition that she complete a drug rehab program. She admitted to the judge earlier today that she had not only failed to complete the program but would be happier in prison.

As her lawyer looked on, Portwood also stated that she had not been sober throughout her time in the program and will always be "a bad girl," TMZ reported. Portwood was immediately handcuffed and taken to jail, where she will stay until sentencing.

It's a tragedy, as Portwood was hoping to stay in contact with her daughter, Leah. The judge in the case had given Portwood multiple chances to complete the program and remain out of jail but she wasted the opportunities.

According to her brother Shawn, Amber was set to "join the military," though it would be hard considering that she has a criminal record and a record of drug use.

"She said she was going to work hard to get her charge reduced," Shawn told E! News.

"Pray for Amber. She could use your thoughts and prayers and say 1 for Leah, thanks guys" Gary Shirley, the father of Portwood's daughter, tweeted. "God bless you all. I've cried so much today my heart hurts for both her and Leah. You know Leah looks up to Amber a lot. Trust me when I say she didn't give up. She did what was gonna happen anyway. Drug Court was Bullying her already… Constantly," he added.

 Portwood's sentencing has not been scheduled yet, but it is entirely possible that she will receive the maximum sentence of five years.