Terrell Owens Dropped by IFL Team After Fans Notice 'Lack of Effort'

Terrell Owens, former NFL wide receiver, was recently dropped from the IFL after showing a lack of effort on and off the field.

Owens, 38, only played for the Allen Wranglers in Allen, Texas for three months before team owner Jon Frankel said the wideout could no longer be tolerated.

"It's disappointing and unfortunate," Frankel said in an ESPN report. "But (he) could no longer be tolerated by the Wrangler organization."

According to the publication, Owens failed to make a recent scheduled appearance at a children's hospital with his team and refused to play in two upcoming road games that were important for the team's playoff chances. Frankel said even fans began to see the lack of dedication in the player.

"Our fans are amongst the best in the league, and it is impossible to maintain a player when even our fans notice and comment on a player's lack of effort both on and off the field," Frankel said in a statement released to ESPNDallas.com. "We need to do what is best for this team, our fans and this community."

The publication maintained that Owens had violated his contract which would also cause him to lose the partial ownership in the Wranglers that he had acquired after joining the team. However, Owens reportedly maintains that he upheld all of his contractural obligations which did not mandate him to participate in all of the Wranglers' road games.

Fans of Owens have witnessed a number of controversial signings and releases from the football star. His time playing for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys all ended with controversy. Although he played one season with the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals each, the receiver has had trouble finding an NFL team to pick his contract up after suffering from an ACL injury in 2010.

One fan suggested that Owens should attempt to join the Canadian Football League, after no teams have shown interest from the NFL.

"So if Terrell Owens, now unemployed after being released by an Arena team, wants to keep playing is the CFL the next option," one fan questioned on Twitter.

Another joked that Owens may need to take up donations, after months of him admitting that he has financial issues while owing thousands to the mothers of his children for child support.

"You can still text 'Broke Athlete' to 90999 to donate $5 to Terrell Owens, Jamal Lewis, Warren Sapp or Curt Shilling," the football fan joked.

Although the NFL player reportedly has his legal representatives looking into the details of the Wranglers' release from his contract, he released a statement wishing the IFL team well.

"I appreciate the opportunity that Mr. Frankel gave me and wish the Allen Wranglers all the best moving forward," Owens said in a statement.