Terrell Owens Keeps Faith, Replies to Twitter Comments From Fans

Football Player Addresses Baby Mama Drama and Lack of Contract on Twitter

Terrell Owens is dealing with baby mama drama, is suicidal and will not get a football contract, according to speculation. However, the wide receiver is sounding off on Twitter and maintaining his faith in God.

A number of fans have tweeted Owens to address the various issues surfacing about him in the media; the wide receiver's responses have been candid.

One fan tweeted to highlight the fact that Owens' career was not going as well as many had hoped; the free agent wideout has yet to sign a contract after recovering from knee surgery.

"You're a good wide receiver, but I want you to be great,” the fan wrote. “Right now everything is not going well."

Owens responded by tweeting: "God is working it out!"

Another fan told Owens to forget the media. The football star and reality television personality assured his fan that he was prepared for a return.

"T.O. the hell with the media, I'm a fan,” said a tweet by one follower. “Keep doing you bro, hope someone picks you up soon! Keep training!”

Owens thanks his fan and tweeted: “Thanks! Working out, rehabbing everyday."

Another fan of the wideout inquired about his return: “So what's the deal, am I going to see you on the field this year or what?"

Owens assured his fan he was prepared.

“I’m ready, just waiting on a call,” Owens tweeted.

The wideout did not shy away from heavier issues, such as those surrounding the controversy of his financial struggles and paying thousands in child support each month. One person claimed to know the mother of one of Owens’ four children.

"Dude I know the chick you have the baby by, all I can say is DAMN what were you thinking," the person questioned on Twitter.

Terrell admitted he made a mistake by associating with the woman.

“My only answer is I wasn't thinking. A mistake I can't take back but I love my daughter,” Owens responded. “You live and learn and I'm learning a lot about myself, friends (and) kids' moms but thing are gonna work out for the better!"

Another fan gave Owens positive words: “Hang in there Terrell..God is watching over you. No worries!"

Owens agreed and responded: "Yes he is and I have to remind myself of that."