The Face of America in Gosnell's Mirror

Those in the media who promote abortion have their reasons for wanting to keep quiet about the atrocities of former abortionist, Kermit Gosnell. What that man did to those babies outside the womb is no worse than what other abortionists are doing to babies inside the womb. And all of it goes on in the name of "choice" and "rights."

If Gosnell were to stand in front of a mirror, what we would see staring back at us is the face of America. Our nation has given "cover" to abortionists who go into wombs in order to literally rip innocent unborn babies from their mothers. One cannot look at Gosnell without seeing the face of America. This is why many in the media don't plan to say much about the murderer from the Philadelphia abortion mill. They would prefer to have you think about other things instead.

The grisly nature of abortion cannot be ignored when a man like Gosnell is in the news. The beheadings of babies outside the womb is the result of abortion "logic" and reasoning. This logic is severed from the moral responsibility we have to protect the innocent among us. As Gosnell looks in the mirror, we cannot help but see the reflection of America looking back at us. And it is not a pretty sight.

As a nation, we generally tend to care for people. We tend to have compassion and empathy. We usually want to assist "the little guy." But when it comes to the womb, we are out of our mind as a nation. Sinful choices do that to a person, as well as to a nation. We still have far too many in our country who are OK with "choice" and "rights" being used as justification to kill the unborn.

Many babies are being aborted in America everyday, including today. Who might these babies have grown up to become? What solutions might they have been wise enough to bring to the rest of us? We will never know. Those babies deserved to live. It was cruel and unfair to snuff out their innocent lives. The death penalty is alive and well in the womb today. The "penalty" simply for being a developing baby in certain wombs is death.

God loves unwed mothers, and God loves unborn children. God creates life so that we can enjoy Him and fulfill His plan for our life. All of that gets tossed aside when abortion takes place. If it can remain as hidden as possible, people don't have to think much about the gruesome reality of it. Gosnell's story brings abortion out of the shadows and out of the womb. He brings us face to face with our nation's iniquitous decision to attack the unborn.

Gosnell is now out of business, but what about the rest of the abortionists? How long will we as a nation give them legal protection to kill those who truly deserve our love and protection? When will the madness and the horror end?

I suppose we can just choose to ignore looking in the mirror. That won't protect the helpless babies in the womb, but it might at least allow us to go about our business without having to be reminded all the time of what we as a nation are allowing to happen in the name of "choice."

Gosnell made his choices. Unwed mothers get to make their choices, including adoption. And America has a choice to make. Many of our decisions have significant consequences. But none of our decisions as a nation are more deadly than this one. Will we open our eyes and look in the mirror? It is the only way that change is going to happen.

Dan Delzell is the pastor of Wellspring Lutheran Church in Papillion, Neb. He is a regular contributor to The Christian Post.

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