'The Last of Us 2': Neil Druckmann, Ashley Johnson Spark Fan Theories With Tweets

Facebook/naughtydogA follow-up to 2013's 'The Last of Us' (pictured) was announced by Naughty Dog in December.

"The Last of Us 2" is arguably one of the most highly awaited games, but Naughty Dog has yet to announce an official release date for the title. Thankfully, game director Neil Druckmann has been keeping fans at bay with teasers.

One of the most recent teasers came with a photo of co-writer Halley Gross, who also used to write for HBO's critically acclaimed series "Westworld." The photo sees Gross riding a makeshift horse and carrying a model shotgun. As Game Rant pointed out, the tweet immediately sparked speculations that "The Last of Us 2" may include combat while on horseback.

It is entirely possible that the makeshift horse is being used for motion capture or simply as inspiration for how the visuals should go. It can be recalled that "The Last of Us" did feature some travel on horseback, but it did not include combat. Should rumors prove to be true, then fans can expect some gameplay action while riding a horse.

Another recent tease came from Ashley Johnson, who portrays Ellie in the game. Ever since the teaser trailer was released, speculations have been rife that Joel may be dead in "The Last of Us 2." However, Johnson's tweet came with a picture of her and Troy Baker, who portrays Joel, which led some to wonder whether Joel may be alive after all.

However, Baker's appearance does not necessarily guarantee Joel's survival. Many have suggested that the Joel that appears in the trailer is actually a hallucination of Ellie's. And if that becomes a recurring thing in "The Last of Us 2," then Baker's involvement is surely required.

Naughty Dog has yet to confirm any of these theories, and it is likely that they will not reveal any information this early in the game. "The Last of Us 2" is still in the first stages of development, which means fans will have to wait a long while before finding anything out with certainty.