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The Rise of OBB: Biblical Pop With an Attitude

The Rise of OBB: Biblical Pop With an Attitude

The Oswald Brothers Band (OBB) recently burst upon the Christian music scene, and its message of desire, hope, and acceptance resonates. From a TV appearance in 2009, the group scored an EP, a big-name tour, and a national launch of its own.

Zach (21), Jacob (19), and Nic (18) share a room, a large iTunes account, and a passion for Christ. In 2009, they placed third in CBS Early Show's "Singing Family Face-Off." This success brought the group early national notoriety.

Last year, they won a record deal with Curb Records, and their EP "OBB" came out in January 2013. This album brought the attention of Winter Jam Spectacular, ranked #1 first-quarter tour in the world for the past two years.

OBB weaves modern pop themes – synths and electric guitar – with dynamic melodies and deep lyrics to form a tapestry of Christian faith, hope, and love. From the first song – "All I Need Is You" – to the last, – "Through His Eyes" – the album captures the complex relationship between Christ and the church.

Flowing with electronic melodies, "All I Need Is You" also features background vocals repeating the phrase in the chorus. "Everyone has a heart that's burning for more, a greater need than this world can ever afford, and You are the one we've been searching for," Zach sings.

The second song, "Come On Home," which will hit national Christian radio next month, expresses the mystery of why men and women don't turn to God, despite the longing in the first song. Reminiscent of the loving father's invitation to the Prodigal Son, Zach sings "if you're out there looking for love, come on home."

With Alternative lyrics and melodies like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day, not to mention Christian artist Toby Mac, OBB appeals to more than just the Christian pop faithful. This song, clearly intended to invite everyone to the love of Christ, calls Christians to "greet the broken with open arms."

The song hits its climax with the line – "With open hearts we welcome those looking for hope, searching for peace, down on their knees."

"Song of a Savior" and "Wildfire" speak of God's pursuit for the soul and the soul's response to God. The first, slower, says, "your heart is my greatest pursuit," ringing from Matthew 23:37 – "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem…how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!" Lovingly, convincingly, Zach sings "all of your life, I've been here, chasing you."

Faster, energetic, "Wildfire" rings with the Christian's desire to shine for God. "I want to be light, I want to burn bright, spreading hope like a wildfire," Zach sings, as the beat and synths spark dancing in the heart.

"Through His Eyes," the last track, also hits a deep Biblical allusion – to the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 6:25-33. "Hold on to your faith, He has a plan," Zach sings, "Because there is a light in the middle of the darkness. Love has made a way when everything seems hopeless." The God who cares for the lilies of the field and the birds of the air will provide for His children.

These excellent songs propelled the group to fulfill its dreams. "I grew up singing Matthew West and TobyMac songs," Zach told TurningPoint PR, "these are the people who got us interested in Christian music, and here I am standing next to them." With Winter Jam, they performed at 44 concerts in 23 states – from Wisconsin to Florida, from Texas to Pennsylvania.

This summer, they will perform 13 shows in 5 states, touring Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, and Florida, while spending most of their time in Texas.

Lyrics to their song "Come On Home:"

We've all been there, we've all felt it, those times when you back's against the wall.
No way out, and all your doubt keeps rushing in like a waterfall.

If you're out there looking for love, come on home.
If you're out there looking for love, come on home.
If you find that you're not enough on your own,
And you're out there looking for love, come on home.
All your prayers cry so loud, but you feel like no one ever hears.
Quit sayin' hope's fadin', it's more real than all your tears.
May the people of God seem welcome home. Let us greet the broken with open arms.
We will look past stains, throw away our stones.
With open hearts we welcome those looking for hope, searching for peace, falling apart, down on their knees.


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