The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 Spoilers: 'Infected' Has Prison on the Brink of Outbreak (RECAP)

The Walking Dead Season 4 has had a thrilling crazy start, and with yesterday's episode, "Infected," episode two surely did not disappoint.


In the opening, the viewers witness someone, presumably one of the survivors in the prison, feeding a live rat to the Walkers outside of the gate.

Cut back into the episode from this mysterious opening, the viewers are made to remember the ending of last week's episode, zombie Patrick.

Patrick comes scuttling out of the bathroom where he was last seen and attacks an unnamed man before moving on. Soon there is an outbreak in D Block of the prison and people and walkers are running around everywhere.

Rick, Darryl, and Glenn run in to start killing zombies and saving lives.

At the end of it all, they source the spread back to Patrick who seemingly died from illness and not a bite. They also noticed that these Walkers looked a bit different in the eyes.

Rick putting two and two together, had one of the pigs he was tending to die to illness. Hershel attributed the sudden deaths, and the symptomatic showings of members of the group as some sort of Spanish flu.

Flu in itself is bad, but when people start dying of the sickness and then coming back as zombies, the danger is at a whole other level. The possibly contaminated are quarantined off from people who did not have the sickness.

"Infected" is filled with lots of interesting character developments as well. Michonne is finally getting some character development as she breaks down in tears after holding baby Judith when Beth needs to change her shirt after being thrown up on. The at first hesitant Michonne appears to have had a baby of her own at a time.

The viewers see Carol dealing with two little girls who had just lost their father. She is pretty harsh and blunt with them, but at the same time preparing them for a life filled with heartache.

Carl, is now the right hand man to his dad in just about everything. Their at times strained relationship seems to be at a good point now as Carl is respectful to his father's wishes and helps him tend to the farm. He also reveals that Carol had been teaching the children how to kill Walkers.

Rick, seemed to have put his killing and leadership ways behind him. He looks perfectly content working his farm and taking care of the pigs. However, that changes once the Walkers almost break through and he has to sacrifice his pigs to draw them away, he realizes that tranquil life will never be possible and holsters his gun and gives Carl back his.

The episode closes with the discovery of Tyreese's girlfriend who had been sick, charred up with another unnamed character. Someone had dragged them out and burned the bodies. This will be a mystery for next week's episode.

The Walking Dead season 4 premiere last week garnered higher ratings than the Breaking Bad season finale.

According to, the season 4 premiere had 16 million viewers tuned in the 18 to 49 age range demographic.

Episode three of season 4 will air on AMC at 9 p.m. EST on Sunday.