Tim Tebow on 'Good Morning America:' Faith Drives Hope for NFL Future

New ESPN analyst Tim Tebow helped co-host "Good Morning America" Friday morning, discussing his faith, his aspirations to continue playing in the NFL, and his predictions for the upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII.

Tebow, who was recently hired by ESPN to serve as their new college football analyst for the SEC Network, partook in many light-hearted, entertaining games and interviews on the Friday airing of the ABC morning show. The former NFL quarterback appeared throughout the show participating in various segments, including a Super Bowl snack cook-off with Joe Montana and a discussion with former 49er Steve Young on the Super Bowl.

The new ESPN analyst also sat down with "Good Morning America" host Robin Roberts to discuss his future in the NFL. Tebow stopped playing for the Denver Broncos at the end of the 2011 season to play one disappointing season with the New York Jets. He then played a pre-season with the New England Patriots only to be dropped from their roster in the regular season. Although Tebow now has a solid analyst gig for ESPN, he told Roberts he would still like to play as a quarterback in the NFL at some point in the future.

Tebow also told Roberts about how important his Christian faith is to him, especially now as he takes on a new, unfamiliar role and continues to be uncertain about what his future in football will hold.

"[Faith] helps in every aspect of your life," Tebow explained. "… the hope that it gives you, the drive that it gives you, the purpose that it gives you, every single day."

"And in a situation like this," Tebow continued, "you don't know what the future holds, but you know who holds your future. And that gives you hope and peace every day, no matter what happens."

Tebow went on to say that he respects the views of both his supporters and critics, saying he uses his positive personality to see how each side can help him improve his athletic performance. "It definitely means a lot to you, all the people that support you, and all the critics, they're motivators as well. I try to use everything as a positive situation and so for both sides, I see the positive."

The former Florida Gators quarterback also discussed his opinion on the upcoming Super Bowl game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. Remaining diplomatic, Tebow did not say who he thought would win the Super Bowl, but he did offer analysis on why he thought the Broncos had an especially strong defensive lineup.

Many viewers regarded Tebow's appearance on "Good Morning America" as a test-run for his new analyst position with ESPN, and many fans took to Twitter to express how impressed they were with Tebow's calm demeanor and in-depth sports analysis.

"Just turned on the TV and see my man Tim Tebow flawlessly adjusting to his new life. Probably enjoys this new life more than football," Maurice Clarett tweeted.

"To be honest Tim Tebow did great on 'Good Morning America' ... He has a future in fluffy news TV like this. Not being an analyst on ESPN," tweeted Erika Esola, sports reporter for Florida Today.

Tebow made his first appearance as an SEC Network analyst at the BCS Championship game on Jan. 6, and he will make another appearance at the start of the 2014 college football season in August at the Texas A&M and South Carolina game.