Tim Tebow Over Kyle Orton for Denver Broncos?

Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos’ second year quarterback may officially be a starter on Tuesday.

After his performance in the Bronco’s 29-24 loss against the Chargers on Sunday, The Denver Post reported that Broncos coach John Fox would choose Tebow as starting QB over Kyle Orton.

Although Orton started in the game on Sunday, he did not return after halftime. Instead, Tebow appeared on the field, managing to bring his team back from a 16-point deficit.

The QB threw a touchdown and ran for another, further exciting his supporters.

"John Fox wake up and start Tim Tebow," one fan of the QB tweeted.

However, Fox said he may not be ready to announce his starter until Tuesday, according to Fox.

"This is a high-pressure job as a player and as a coach, and we're in a performance-based business and we have to perform," the coach said.

After the game on Sunday, Fox was questioned by reporters about who he would choose to start in the Bronco’s QB position. However, he maintained that he is not in the position to speak about the player’s feelings.

"I'm a P.E. major, so I really don't know about all that," Fox said, according to NFL reports. "You'd have to ask Kyle."

When asked about the speculation concerning the loss of his starting position, Orton told reporters he was only feeling bad about the way his team played.

“People's opinion don't matter to me, man," Orton said, according to NFL networks. "I left that a long time ago. I've been through that before. I'm just frustrated with the way we were playing, myself included."

In the midst of the debate about the Broncos' best QB option, Tebow left no room for debate concerning his spiritual faith after he tweeted,"Phillipians 2:3" the day of his game.