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Tim Tebow Being Used by Jets for Publicity, Say Critics

Some Observers See Former Broncos QB's Move to Jets as Poor Fit

Tim Tebow Being Used by Jets for Publicity, Say Critics

Tim Tebow is the Justin Bieber of football, according to some of his peers who believe the Christian quarterback's move to the New York Jets was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Tebow, 24, was traded from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets on Wednesday, drawing the ire of many. Joey Porter, a free agent linebacker, likened Tebow to Bieber, saying the Jets only acquired him for ticket sales.

"Anybody who brings him in right now, you would think they're trying to do it for ticket sales," Porter told NFL Total Access recently. "So it's just like, it's good to have a Justin Bieber because you're gonna get a whole of (fans). That's what I compare it to. He's the Justin Bieber of the NFL."

Still, Porter does not think Tebow's popularity will translate into wins for his new team. The free agent credited Tebow's wins last year to the defense on his team, not the quarterback's skills.

"Everybody had Tebow fever last year, you know what I mean? They went crazy for what he did," Porter said. "I mean, but it's not like he really won games the traditional way. He won eight games, and the way he did it was a lot of good defense, a lot of good plays, onside kick, field goal kicker had the best year he ever had."

The veteran linebacker said he would not be happy if he found out that Tebow was brought onto his team.

"(I'd be) a little disappointed just (because) you don't really know what angle we're going as his team -- are we trying to win right now, or are we playing to get a draft pick for the next year's quarterback, who's gonna be pretty good," Porter asked. "You gotta think that if I'm playing and you bring Tebow in. You're not gonna think like, 'What are we trying to do this year?' I don't think we can win right now with Tebow."

Warren Sapp, former NFL defensive tackle turned analyst, seemed to agree with Porter's way of thinking. Sapp said playing with Tebow would probably make his teammates miserable.

"If I was on that ballclub, I'd have to learn to love to be miserable. But if they brought him on my team, I'd have to follow him, because I'd have to see if the magic ... if he could bring it to me." Sapp said. "Until the wheels falls off and the horse breaks down, I'm gonna ride him. But it's a miserable state to put yourself in."


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